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Nutritionally, it's crucial to feed your mini breed puppies food that is specifically formulated for their unique needs.Because of this, ROYAL CANIN® Mini Starter Mother & Babydog provides everything needed to wean puppies up to the age of 2 months.Royal Canin® Mini Starter Mother & Babydog uses the ROYAL CANIN® 'Start Complex', which is similar to the nutrients in the mother's milk, reinforced with specific nutrients that help support the puppies' digestive health.Its nutritional profile is adapted to the high energy needs of the mother at the critical point during the last weeks of gestation and at the beginning of lactation.Kibbles can also be rehydrated to a porridge-like consistency simply by soaking them.The puppies' transition to more solid food is made easier by this consistency, which is not only palatable for the mother, but also facilitates the transition from their mother's milk to more solid food.A puppy's transition from milk to solid food is made easier with this consistency, which is not only palatable for the mother but also easy on the puppies.



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